Saturday, December 26, 2009

What's This Listing Thing?

We're authors helping authors (and also readers!) find categories of books on amazon. We work on the honor system.

Authors, please only suggest three (3) of your amazon Listmania! Lists that will help people find your book among other titles.
Please vote for at least one list by the other authors.
Please come back and vote for those who come later.

To vote:
Log in to your amazon account
Click the tinyurl listed here (which should look blue if you haven't clicked it before, and grey if you have)

When you open the author’s amazon Listmania! List, look to the right-hand side of the screen where his/her picture and the list's stats appear in a small box. In that box will be the question "Rate it! Did you find this list helpful?" Click on the "yes" button.

Thank you for helping your fellow IWOFAuthors suggest books to readers!

(This works much the same way the Taggers blog/system works. Same concept, same helping spirit, easier/quicker to do if you already have lists.)

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